D Jare Campbell 
The 24 Hour Rule: Determining Your Dating Partner's Marriage Potential In 30 Days

Quality Time Vs. Quantity Time
Which is the Most Important in the Relationship

Living Education eFocus News discussed "How Service Dogs are Trained and How They Support Children with Epilepsy" with Kelly Camm, Development Director. Ms. Camm oversees the identification, solicitation, and development of community, corporate, local, and national funding sources. She manages fundraising, cause-related marketing, and completes grant research and proposals.

Kelly first encountered 4 Paws in 2006 while working on her MBA at Thomas More College. After graduation, she started volunteering as a fundraiser for 4 Paws, primarily working on a cause marketing plan she had developed during her studies. She then joined the board of trustees and eventually became vice president and then president of the board. In 2010, she left the board and became an employee of 4 Paws.

Kelly has over 20 years of experience in marketing, brand management, product development, planning, communications, cause marketing, and public relations. She also volunteers her time for NAMI NKY and the Reel Abilities Film Festival.

Dr. Sean Yisrael
Educator & Author
Educational View: 50 Years After The March On Washington, DC

Dr. Andie P. Marwah
Education Reformer
Published Author
Educational View: "Diversity and Independent Schools

Dr. Elwood Robinson
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Cambridge College
Educational View: The High Cost of Education

Sia Knight
College Savvy Radio
Subject: The Crucial Topic of Course Selection

EDPowerment with Denise Joseph Vol. 2
Kelley Williams Bolar
Educational Advocate
Educational View: The Desire For Quality Education

Victor Kwansa
Educational View: The Importance of High Expectations for All Students

Dr. Donna Ford

Professor of Education and Human Development

Vanderbilt University

Educational View: Black Students' Under-Representation in Gifted Classes and AP Classes

Annie Fox, M.Ed.
Educational View: Why We Need to be Teaching EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Along with Academics

Dr. Joy Lawson Davis
College Professor
Educational View:Gifted African American and Hispanic Students” 

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